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Simply hand over your keys and we'll take care of your serviced accommodation for you. We provide an end to end solution which includes everything from handling the listing, customer service and cleaning.


Full rental market value, guaranteed every month for 3 - 5 years with no voids. No more tenant issues to worry about, such as missed payments, damage, or voids.


Flourish Property Management Ltd manage properties for landlords and property investors who are involved in both the serviced accommodation or who want to move away from traditional buy to let property to a more profitable solution.

Operating serviced accommodation, houses or apartments is all about management, managing clients needs and expectations and the associated trades people and services that support the serviced accommodation operator.

Our job is to protect the landlords investment and provide high quality accommodation for our clients.

The landlord/investor receives a guaranteed monthly rent with no voids. A management agreement would normally run for between two and five years. The Properties are well maintained, professionally cleaned regularly and returned to the landlord as good or in better condition than when taken on. Read more

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